Sunday, May 3, 2009

Springing Sprouts

I'm a Metro North train commuter, and not home during daylight for half of each week. This past week, an awful lot happened in those few days without me seeing it! From when the sun set Monday evening to the sunrise on Friday morning, leaves appeared on the trees, wooded areas became jungles, and there are so many blossoms I'm drunk with giddiness. Plus, my outdoor seedlings appeared! Here are chilies, tomatoes, squashes, basil, dill, and much, much more.

Spring, and spring seedlings, remind us of all the power of plants bursting forth. Sprouts are literally seeds bursting with all the energy they've held through dormancy. Sprouts are one of the most nutritionally packed powerhouse foods. So small, so flavorful, and so good for you.

What's great about sprouts is that you can eat them year 'round. In the dead of winter, I like having them grow in jars on my windowsills not only because they're tasty, but because they remind me that spring will come again.

Here are the most simple instructions on how to sprout beans, seeds, and grains. There are far more uses for sprouts than just salads—you can put them in pretty much anything.

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