Saturday, December 12, 2009

Lock Zip

wintergreens freezes fruit and veggies using the nested bag method. That is, put food in a small freezer bag, then put a bunch of those in a bigger freezer bag, so that there are multiple layers of protection from freezer burn.

We don't use a vacuum sealer. I was tempted, because of the thicker plastic, and because the food looks more "official" that way. The downside was that the plastic then had to be thrown away after it was cut away from the food. I've got a clothesline of washed baggies to reuse, so that part rubbed the frugal me all wrong. Plus, I don't like having to have special single-use equipment. Nesting doesn't get every last bit of air out, but it does protect the food well from burn.

Then my Dept. of Agriculture safety inspector told me that vacuum sealing done wrong can cause botulism, just like canning gone wrong. It creates an anaerobic situation, where bad bacteria can thrive.

Now I'm sure there are measures you can take to avoid botulism, and, indeed, many people use vacuum sealers every day. But after my safety inspector recommended we not vacuum seal our stored food, that sealed the deal! wintergreens uses plain old heavy duty freezer baggies, inside other freezer baggies.

We expect to see your baggies hanging out to dry!

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