Wednesday, December 2, 2009


I need greens today, and tomorrow, and the next day. Greens and plenty of water. That's because I had a carnival of holiday excess eating, the focus of my glee being nuts. I ate waaaay too many almonds, pecans, and coconuts (which are technically seeds).

The peak of my nuttiness focused on almonds. Knowing I'd have a bit of time over the holiday, I'd stocked up on sliced almonds, almond paste, almond meal, and almond extract (just in case!). I hadn't consulted a recipe, just my own (admittedly strong) want.

And then I found this recipe for pignolis. Though I sometimes veer into the philosopical on the subject of pignolis (Why are almond cookies topped with pine nuts? Why not just use almond meal instead of wheat flour?), I shut up and baked, and they made for an amazing, decadent binge: the bottoms of the cookies were nearly caramelized, and the tops purely sported almonds. Let's call them "almondinis." They may be the most insane cookies I've ever had. Subtle they are not.

Thus, I now detox. Maybe Almondinis and I will meet again in a year (or two).

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