Friday, August 14, 2009


If you live in Beacon, you know all about Zora Dora's. Chef of all things frozen, Steve makes wonderful popsicles out of fresh ingredients, often local. Among my most loved, and there have been many, are salted pineapple, cucumber mint, and guanĂ¡bana. Also not shabby were the pecan rice milk one that tasted like horchata, and the avocado, of which I only had a quick lick of someone else's, because it had dairy in it. (I'll have to take that one up with him....I'm dying for a non-dairy avocado pop!)

If you're lucky, when you go they'll have some of the 50 cent minis, made only when they make too big a batch for the Brazilian popsicle machine. J'adore all things tiny, and sweets are no exception. That way, you can have more than one flavor, too.

I'm fresh out of the swimming pool, and nothing is more inspiring to me right now than a paleta. Steve has been a big part of my getting to know and trust the freezer again as a source of great flavor.

Today, that flavor will be coconut lime.

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