Saturday, February 20, 2010

Mistakes #364 and #365

Different kinds of produce have different winter storage requirements: potatoes can't be exposed to light because their skins get poisonous, onions and garlic must be in a dry environment to keep from rotting, some roots do better if rested on a bed of soil or sand. I'm guessing they're more at peace because this setup feels like home to them.

Squashes and pumpkins require a dry cool place (being Mesoamerican fruits), and ideally, some kind of pillow between them and the hard surface they are resting on. When my dry "cool" location threatened to freeze, squashes and pumpkins were moved. Pumpkins went inside, squashes went to the very moist root cellar.

Do not do this: do not forget your "dry cool" storage items in your "wet cool" space for three weeks, and expect them to be fine.

The pumpkins, indoors, are perfect. The squashes, not so much.

The other mistake wasn't ours.

Before the Vegan Bake Sale for Haiti happened, we notified every news outlet in the Hudson Valley (practically). The Beacon Free Press didn't list the event in advance (boo on you!), but showed up at the event to take a picture and ask questions. Well okay, they get some credit: better late than never, right?

Nope, this fab event didn't make the paper this week. That's because there was too much other important news, like a clown at the coffee shop (no kidding, the headline story!). It doesn't really matter, since the reason we'd contacted them was to get more people to the sale and raise more money for Haiti. But it does make you wonder.

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