Thursday, February 25, 2010

I Don't Like Daiya Cheese

There, I said it.

This blog does not exist for product reviews, so I'll try not to get stuck. But all the raving about Daiya was getting to me.

Daiya. It's another imitation cheese product (this time, made from tapioca) meant for use in pizzerias and vegan seven layer chip dip. It's great that it's a bit better for you than some soy or rice or chemical cheeses. People are thrilled that it stretches when melted, as if that's what real eating is all about. The excitement is a little weird to me. And I say that because Daiya still tastes funny, a little off, a little like it's trying to be something that it's not. It's junk food. Let's call it what it is.

But while we're in this off-topic product review-y space, let me mention that I had my most favorite "comfort food" meal at Rice (in the city) last night, the same meal I've been eating there for at least fifteen years: veggie balls with spicy sauce on sticky rice, mesclun salad with palm hearts and poblano avocado dressing, all washed down with a nice Malbec. After all these years, it still really hits the spot.

And, and, on the advice of friends we tried a newish authentic Mexican restaurant on Route 9, Tacocina. The menu is filled with items like tongue and head, but they love to whip up potato, mushroom, poblano entrees for vegans. The food is good! The telenovelas are loud! If you miss authentic Mexican, give it a whirl.


  1. Can we get married? BECAUSE WE ARE SOULMATES!

  2. I hadn't gotten a good marriage proposal for a long time, so thanks for that!