Saturday, November 7, 2009

Distribution - November 8, 2009

Hey winter, bring it on! We're ready....

Our first share distribution of the season features some last items plucked before the frosts, and a few that have grown sweeter with the cold. Here's what we've got:
  • pawpaws from Lee Reich's "Farmden"
  • scallions from Huguenot Street Farm
  • green peppers from Huguenot Street Farm
  • cabbages from Huguenot Street Farm
  • peppermint from the wintergreens garden
  • broccoli (huge heads!) from Madura Farm
  • brussel sprouts from Madura Farm
Just to be cheezy about things, everything in our first distribution is GREEN!

I was so excited about being able to make pawpaws available for wintergreens, and Lee blew my mind by talking about the possibility of providing hardy kiwis next year. I tasted one, and they're really really good. But, in the here, now and today, pawpaws are an amazing thing! We'll crack a couple open at the market so that you can taste them. If you don't like them, you should make a point of giving these rare babes to someone who might be interested. And you should plant the seeds! Pawpaws shouldn't be rare, and we can start a pp trend right here in Beacon. Lee suggested reading his pp chapter in Uncommon Fruits before planting them. If you decide to do that, put the seeds in a baggie in the refrigerator with a moist paper towel (and ideally some moss) until you're ready to plant. Sorry to have given you a reading assignment and a project, but not too sorry... Oh! I'm supposed to remind you not to eat the skin or the seeds. Just that luscious, custard flesh. Farmer Ron from Huguenot Street swears by frozen pawpaw: like sorbet.
The scallions and peppers are two other things brought in just before the killing cold. We don't have a ton of these, but enough for fajitas or a stir fry.

Cabbages taste perfect in fall. I'll post a lovely Harvest Soup recipe made with cabbage and all the other veggies available now, but really all I ever want to do with my cabbages are eat them boiled, or make colcanon. Oh yes, and stinky kraut.

Mint! Make tea with fresh leaves, chop them up and add them to salads, cook them into beans to keep your belly settled, or make really tasty Indian Dal. If you're already busy making fried green tomatoes with your garden rescues, try them this time with mint chutney.

Broccoli. You're good here, right? Everyone feels stronger and smarter after eating broccoli, and the cold weather makes it go down even sweeter.Ridiculously attractive brussel batons. For many years I'd only had slimy, overcooked brussel sprouts, and they were the only vegetable I didn't like. After having them raw and cooked well, they've become one of my favorite things about fall. These are a bit spicy, very crispy. Again, you'll just want to show off your Popeye muscles after you eat them. If you don't know what to do with them them, consider roasting them, caramelizing them, or chopping them and making them lemony.

Happy first distribution! Eleven to go...

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