Monday, September 28, 2009

Winter What?

We're often asked what the difference is between wintergreens and Winter Sun Farms. First, the similarities:
  • We are both Hudson Valley C.S.A.s, focused on getting people fantastic local food, and supporting our local farms.
  • We are both winter C.S.A.s, working to extend the season of local eating.

And, the differences:
  • wintergreens is tiny, and focused on Beacon. Winter Sun Farms has 1500 members this year, and distributes from Albany to Brooklyn. They now also have a C.S.A. in North Carolina.
  • Winter Sun Farms costs $118 for four distributions over the season, wintergreens costs $240 for 12.
  • Winter Sun Farms primarily uses freezing as their preservation method, though they may introduce a root cellar this year. wintergreens combines many preservation methods (fermentation, root cellaring, four-season farming, dehydration, and yes, freezing). wintergeens makes use of ancient food preservation methods from around the world, and distribution includes items like sauerkraut, sundried tomatoes, popcorn, and dried beans, all from locally grown vegetables.
wintergreens is interested in making food available for all. We accept food stamps, and hope to be able to subsidize shares for those who can't afford them. We want to plant fruit trees in town to create free food, and we've harvested unused fruit and nuts from those that already grow here, to avoid waste. We want to bring the eating of mulberries and black walnuts and dandelions back into vogue. We dream of seeing unused patches of land turned into food producing gardens. We want every individual to know how to grow food and store it themselves. The best scenario is that we come together and share all our knowledge on the forgotten methods and skills that fed people through winter before refrigeration and long-distance shipping, eventually making wintergreens obsolete. Until then, we hope you'll join us!

Based on similar principles, our friends Winter Sun Farms are doing good work. Please support them if their model works better for you for financial or logistical reasons.

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