Tuesday, September 22, 2009


If you plan to go the apple-a-day way through winter, you're going to have to do just that: plan. Sure, wintergreens will be storing apples for you in the root cellar, but a minute of math tells me there's no way we can keep enough apples to keep all members in apples every day. If you'd like to eat local apples through spring, it's time to look around your house for a place you can keep a bin of your own. Ideal apple storage is just below 40 degrees farenheit, with high humidity. Put a thermometer in your unheated porch, attic, basement, stairwell, or closet, and see if any of them will do the trick.

Wrap apples individually in sheets of newspaper, to keep one rotting piece of fruit from ruining others. Put a pan of water nearby to keep the air humid. And keep eating apples.

That's all. It's that easy. Cool, moist, with air circulation and some padding: root cellars demystified.

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