Sunday, June 21, 2009


Today a mystery was solved.

I've lived in this house for six years, and for six years have wondered what a berry tree in the yard was. The combination of not knowing, and the fact of it being a tall tree located on a steep slope, have made it so I've never eaten the berries.

It's driven me a little crazy, though. How can you have berries in your yard and not eat them? Okay, maybe they'd be poisonous, but maybe not! I've always wanted to invite over someone who's a tree identification expert, and happen to bring up this particular tree in discussion.

When the Beacon train station was renovated, some of these same trees showed up in the parking lot there. The other day I threw caution to the wind and tasted the berries. Absolutely delicious.

And today, while visiting friends at the Beacon Farmer's Market, I noticed someone else picking the berries. I immediately ran over to talk with him. He thought I was coming over to tell him not to pick the berries, which is hilarious, because I always think people are going to challenge me, too, when I'm harvesting unused fruits and veggies. But I chatted with him, and he told me all about Juneberries. I ran home and verified everything he said online.

Not only is the mystery solved, but I get to enjoy a whole new fruit!!

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