Monday, April 6, 2009

Shareholder Contract

This is the shareholder's contract for the 2009-2010 season.

1) By becoming a shareholder in wintergreens C.S.A., I understand that I will be receiving fresh, dried, fermented, root cellared and frozen produce 12 times during the winter season, twice monthly from November through April. I understand that the content of that share is variable based on the availability of crops in the area.

2) I understand that my share is made up of fruits, vegetables, and grains, produced by local small farmers in a sustainable manner. It will not include animal products.

3) I understand that I must pick up my share during the designated distribution period. Someone can pick up my share for me if I've alerted wintergreens in advance of distribution day. (Give your input on the best distribution location for you, here.)

4) I understand that being a wintergreens shareholder means that my share dollars are going directly to local small farmers, and give me the opportunity to participate in wintergreens events and educational programs. I understand that my membership does not require me to participate in said programs or events.

5) I understand that I'm about to experience my best winter of eating yet!

Please print out this page, sign, and include with your membership check.



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