Saturday, April 4, 2009

How [not] to Compost

I spent part of yesterday shoveling compost at the Sharpe Reservation, which is a camp for city kids run by the Fresh Air Fund. Kids get an introduction to the natural world, some of the things it has to offer (like maple syrup), and what people can offer back (compost!). Compost is an easy way of reducing the trash you create in your life, and enriching soils.
It's fabulous that these kids are getting a taste of these concepts. However, using the finished compost offered some reminders of what is and what isn't organic. Here are some things I found that can skip the compost collection next time: metal flatware, plastic flatware, plastic bags, an intact french fry, ketchup packets, and swimming goggles.

I now understand a little of what it must be like to be an archeologist. Here's a guide on good things to put in your compost.

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