Friday, March 19, 2010

Berry News

We're fans of C.S.A.s. They make sense for people who eat; they make sense for people who farm; they cut out corporate giants; travel on planes, boats, and in trucks; packaging; chemicals; and the $$ associated with all of these things.

If you haven't joined Common Ground yet for the upcoming season, you better hurry!

And now, Fishkill Farms is getting in on the action with a C.S.A. of their own, with veggies grown by Julia (you know her from the market) and fruit from the Morgenthaus. I'm tight with Julia (love ya!), but....

Me and the Morgenthaus have a spotty history, with good old Robert Morris M. having been the Manhattan D.A. during the years I lived in the city, and me being a street activist who often found my way into jail and criminal courts for exercising the First Amendment. There were many campaigns to get RMM to drop unsubstantiated and trumped up charges against activists. I might have some old postcards to him lying around here somewhere....

Away from the city, it has been Robert's grandson, Josh, who I've dealt with on the farm. I haven't brought up my political differences with his grandfather, and everything has gone smoothly.

It feels a little funny and it's kind of a big deal when I say this: You should join the Morgenthau's C.S.A. There's the fruit and veg one, which includes Julia's beautiful produce. Or, if you're doing Common Ground, there's a fruit only option. July alone makes it 100% worth it: 15 pounds of cherries, 8 pounds of black currants, 5 pounds of plums, 3 pounds of blueberries, and 10 pounds of yellow peaches.

I say to RMM, we're neighbors again, we're in a different setting, I can't hold your mistakes against your kids and grandkids, and we've got to make peace. Especially if there's fruit involved.

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