Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Danger! Health Food!

I'd been hearing about kale chips a lot, but hadn't had them. I love kale, and potato chips, well, I have to talk myself out of salt 'n' vinegar potato chips every time I go into a grocery or gas station. To feed my yen, I thought I'd give these "healthy chips" a whirl.

Are they delicious? Yes. Do they make a satisfying crunch? Yes. Are they bad news for me? Yes.

They're so good that, if you're anything like me, and will keep eating potato chips way past the "small snack," past the "feeling a little bit sick," and just keep on eating, the same will happen with kale chips. There may be added nutrients in there (especially if you've made them in the dehydrator), but it's too much oil and too much salt and too much crunchy finger food and just too much for the good ol' fashioned chip addict.

If you dare, here's cheezy, baked, vinegar, and dehydrated.

I'll stick with steamed kale, thank you very much.

Thanks to yumsugar for the photo.

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