Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring Onions

Yum! It's time for tender spring onions! Spring onions are just tender baby onions (or scallions) used before the bulb has time to grow. In the Hudson Vally, these spring up all over the place, wild, before other plants, then often don't mature, squeezed out when other plants flourish. They look like unruly spurts of grass.
They are everywhere I look. In grassy areas, wooded areas, my garden plot. Look, literally everywhere.
So the good news. These tasty little guys can be used any way onions can. In the past couple days I've had them in salad; in tofu scramble; on a flatbread/pizza with olive oil, salt, tarragon, and sundried tomatoes, and I found this recipe for potato and spring onion bhaji, or aalay pyaz aaloo.

Free fresh food. Delightful. Hopefully you have some dried mint to help with the resulting onion breath.

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  1. Now I can't ride my bike, even, without staring at all the spurts of onions along the roadsides. So many onions! We all need to be eating onions!